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We offer organically grown coffee that has been purchased at better than fair trade prices. This website is all about one thing... putting a cup of coffee in your hands that will enrich your life. We have watched so many people when they take their first drink of Kings Coffee. Their eyes light up and a smile comes to their face as they comment that it is "really good", "it is so smooth" or "I've never had coffee that tasted so good!" Join the growing ranks of coffee drinkers that are enjoying coffee on a new level. Grown on the mountains of northern Thailand in ideal conditions, this premium Arabica coffee is bringing our customers "A Taste of Royalty". Whether you choose from one of our 4 delicious roasts, or our Special Blend, you will taste what so many of our customers have been raving about!

We invite you to visit "The Royal Bean" page to get the background story of this amazing coffee and the people of northern Thailand who grow it.. All of us at King’s Coffee want to thank you for your business. For Large quantities or wholesale purchases please visit

What our customers are saying:

That coffee was the best I have ever had. Add me to your list of fans! It is smooth and mild, yet full of flavor.

I put a rounded tablespoon in my little Melita, and get a couple of good cups out of!

Thanks so much,

B.Y. Sumner, Wash.